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Avoid Sears Home Improvement
A Summary of Our Encounter with Sears


A few years back, my wife and I contracted Sears Home Improvement to install new windows all around our home to the tune of $21,000. The contractors finished around midnight, so we were not able to see all the damage they had done.

We tried numerous times to get Sears to fix the work, following all of their requirements, including having our homeowner's insurance come out and verify all of the damages.

In the end, they refused to fix the repairs or provide any refund, but said we should go through our homeowner's insurance, which our insurance company denied because we had already shown them Sears had caused it.
We have many pictures of it detailed on a website, if you ever get bored on my Joe's Welding site here:

Avoid Sears Home Improvement on Joe's Welding
Also, I've made an attempt to post my gripes for others to find more easily in a blog:

Avoid Sears Home Improvement Blog
The link below is my case with the Chicago Better Business Bureau (BBB). It documents and chronicles my complaint with Sears. The BBB only served as mediator between the conversation. When Sears told the BBB that my homeowner's insurance was responsible for all repairs, the BBB closed the case without any input from me.

I had to have the case reopened, and (after going through more emails with Sears) was eventually offered a $250 Sears Gift Card if I would shut up and remove all of my protests. I refused this, and the BBB closed the case again.

NOTE: Due to the number of people who have inquired with Sears about the BBB case, the case has been pulled from the BBB website. The case number should still be valid.

Chicago BBB Case 94203528
In summary, I don't shop at Sears anymore. That's too bad, too, because I used to be a really big Sears advocate.